Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Running with Music in your Mind

I have discovered a great motivator to keep me running for longer - my ipod nano!

It's fab. I went running on Saturday, and after work today as well. It's amazing how one feels compelled to keep running til one gets to the end of a song. Without little morsels of temptation and challenge like that, I probably would stop more regularly and run for less time each time (yes, I am still doing the run-walk-run-walk method).

So thank you Apple, and thank you Madonna for your latest really are keeping this whole running malarkey sweet for me!


Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

The only time I tried running ( many years ago!!) I HATED it, so kept it to once or twice around the block.I realised at the time that I would have enjoyed it if I could have danced around the block instead, but that was in the days before portable personal music pods. Yes, music is a great motivator & it's good that it's keeping you moving!

Maylis & Hugh said...

yeah I love exercising with my Ipod too... listening to podcasts from the French radio!