Friday, March 09, 2007

Eat your greens, keep healthy

Well life rolls on very busily.

It's hard to be actively and consciously green all the time, particularly when lots of other things in your life take you away from being able to think and act on it so easily.

Health is a big issue....I work in the Health Service, I know lots of people, including myself, who need to maintain their health through drugs and medicine etc

I guess there must an environmental impact of healthcare - in terms of wastage, resources used, keeping people alive for longer which puts more of a strain on the earth's resources etc.

You could then argue, if you really wanted to, well let's just let a few people die then the impact wont be so intense on the environment. But that's just silly, plus it's also rather unimaginative and lazy. Many organisations and individuals have shown that waste can be reduced, and practices can be adjusted to ensure that the impact on the environment is drawn back to a sustainable level.

What we really need is courage, strength and vision to put these sorts of ideas and attitudes into the mainstream of 'how we do things', at every level of life and human existence. So, a big project.....

It's a global cultural shift in our attitudes, behaviours and perspectives which is required. This has to occur at micro/individual, organisational, governmental and world levels.

I think it's slowly but surely starting to happen on a more serious, practical level.

The thing is, culture change takes time, and it can also be very painful. We all get accustomed to certain ways, we are by our very nature creatures of habit, so it's understandable if there's resistance, denial and struggle.

So we have to be patient with ourselves and one another, but also continually determined and positive in our approach and resolve to put issues of the earth and our survival at the heart of all that we do.

Ok, that's my green rant. Make sure you eat your greens - they're lovely, the earth, sun and rain grew them. They might also keep you away from the health service for a while longer.

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Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Yes, we need to engage the will to make changes - individual will, collective will and political will. The means are there, and have been for some time - the good news is that people ARE starting to wake up and DO something. Just this morning in the checkout queue I heard one woman telling another "I don't fly anymore - it's something I've started thinking about & decided not to do it".