Friday, February 16, 2007

Measure your Footprint another way!

My dear father sent me a link to another website where you can measure your ecological footprint on the earth. I am sure there are numerous different sites trying to tell you similar sorts of things. However, this one is quite good I reckon:

I did it and found that we would need the equivalent of two earths to support everybody if they consumed as much as I do. So, certainly food for thought and I recommend you do this quiz to get an impression of your impact. It doesnt take long to do, trust me.

Running training starts in earnest tomorrow.

I have been round the square several times near my work last week which was good. That sounds like I did several runs, but actually I only did one run and ran round the square several times haha! Not really done anything this week though, and last weekend was filled with surprising Partner to a seat at the Scotland v. Wales 6 Nations match in Edinburgh. Even though we (Wales) lost it was really good fun and I think Partner was chuffed, which was the main thing.

Nice to see Edinburgh again (love that place), but made me realise how hilly this run might be. So, not sure yet if I can beat my October time (1hr 6 mins). I guess it all depends on how successful my training is between now and then.

Feel quite psyched up and determined though, as I know how good it will be for me, my bones, and the charity I am running for. If you haven't sponsored me yet, there's plenty of time, but please do!!!! :)

Here's a picture of our view of the Murrayfield stadium, you might just be able to make out the drum & pipe band....

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