Friday, September 04, 2009

Back online; Going Ape

Well, quite a lot has happened in the last month, hence the quietness with respect to blogging.... I moved flat!

I am now living in a flat all on my own. This is after spending two precious, happy and memorable years living with my best friend and her family, including my wonderful god-daughter and her older sister.

They have now moved away from London, and this synchronously came at the right time for me as I had been thinking for a while about getting my own place.

So here I am. I miss my old flatmates terribly at times, but I am also excited about this new chapter in my life. There are so many dreams I have for my life, so I have to give as many of them a chance to manifest....with the right mixture of luck, timing, motivation and the right environment - some of them must surely materialise! Other dreams may splutter and fade, but this is the nature of life right? Survival and realisation of dreams are dependent on much the same 'things' as Life itself.....hey, that sounds like an essay question..... Discuss..... Answers on a postcard please.....

It took over a month to get my internet connection sorted out, which is the reason for such an absence of postings on my blog.

There are numerous highlights from the last 6 weeks. I may get to wax about them at some stage, for your interest. For now, I will just add a video which shows me launching off a zip wire when I did a thing called 'Go Ape' last bank holiday weekend. It was lots of fun! If you're up for it, I recommend you do it or something similar. It certainly gets the adrenalin going, muscles working, and endorphins spend a whole three hours climbing ladders, walking across wire bridges suspended between treetops, descending from high to low attached to zip wires, and performing 'tarzan-style' swings from one platform to another - yippeee! :)

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Mellow Yellow said...

That is impressive!! Looks great fun and what a way to pump up the endorphins!! Yeaaaahhhhh!!!