Saturday, September 05, 2009

Monday 3rd August 2009

In my previous post I stated that I may give a few updates on what has been happening in the last couple of months.

One particularly memorable and historic day in the world of GreenAbby is Monday 3rd August 2009. Lots of special things happened on this day and I can't imagine I will ever forget it....

Firstly, I went to work. Well, nothing too exciting to say about that!

I then went down to Trafalgar Square in the afternoon to watch my Mum who was lucky enough to get a one hour spot on the 4th Plinth! This is a living art project devised by Anthony Gormley called one & other. The website is

Both my Mum and I, along with 30,000 others, applied for one of the 2,400 available places - to stand on the plinth for one full hour and do whatever you like as long as it isn't illegal. I am very pleased to say that my Mum was one of the lucky ones (and I was not!)

I guess I have to hold my hands up here and say that I did a fair amount of egging on of my Mum, convincing her of the uniqueness and brilliance of participating in such a project. OK - I actually applied on her behalf without telling her as well (but she was on holiday when applications opened and she didn't have internet access, and we had already talked about it!). Well anyway, as it turned out she had a really wonderful time up there on that famous plinth and she informed me afterwards she'd have happily stayed up there for another hour! haha ;) I guess she was in her element....

I would just like to say 'Well Done Mum' - you did yourself and all of us very proud!

What made this extra special is that whilst she was 'doing her thing' on the plinth, she discovered she had become a Grandmother! My Dad and I shouted up to her the good news whilst my brother was informing us on the mobile phone.....her reaction was a picture. In fact you can watch her reaction by clicking on the link below and then if you drag/scroll the video forward to about minute 48....I hope it will make you smile :)

So that means I am now an Aunty! Aunty GreenAbby :)

And then in the evening, after a lovely meal with a generous helping of champagne (well, we had lots to celebrate didn't we?!) we all went to watch Oliver! the musical in the West End.

Jodie Prenger was Nancy, and Iranian comic Omid Djalili played Fagin. I have seen Omid perform his standup show at a BBC recording studio and he is extremely funny. He was also very good playing the role of Fagin.

It was a fantastic finale to a great day.

As a taster, here is Jodie performing 'As Long as he Needs Me' - I think she performs this really well and you can truly feel the emotion in her voice and through her facial acting! Enjoy...


Maylis said...

It was indeed a day to remember :-) !! Thanks for posting about it.

Greenabby's Mum said...

It's a day etched in my memory and on my heart. Thank you for applying for me - and for telling me afterwards!!

Love as always,

Mum xx