Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Final Leg

After a long 12 hour flight from Auckland to LA, I dumped my stuff at my hotel in Santa Monica (the Hotel California - for the record, I have checked out and as far as I can tell I have left as well!)

I wandered around the shops/promenade areas and the beaches of Santa Monica, including Muscle Beach where apparently lots of posers hang around working out and showing off their pecks....but I didn't really see much action!

After a meal of crabcakes in a restaurant on the pier, I returned to my hotel was lucky enough to find a TV channel showing my favourite TV programme 'Sex and the City'.

Next day I did an organised LA tour. We went to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Universal Studios and Mulholland Drive. I really enjoyed it.

I then caught a shuttle back to LAX to endure another 10 hour flight back to London. Then it was back to work the next day....


barbara said...

Hi Abby,
Thanks for visiting with me at my blog.
I really enjoyed following your adventures throughout your travels.
This last leg is also interesting !
I have only experienced LA in transit at LAX Int'l.
Santa Monica looks great; I would love to go back one last time (one of these days) and do the coastline .

You really have so many beautiful memories from your trip.
Have a great day and take care.


Joyce Hopewell said...

You have touched the ground that two fab dancers walked upon, so it should rub off a bit when you hit the floor & trip that old light fantastic!!

;-)) Mum