Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving Images of New Zealand

One of the true highlights of my trip in New Zealand was the Tongariro Crossing - an 8 hour trek over and alongside mountains and volcanoes.

The following videos show some of the magnificent scenery and experience which I was lucky to have. I managed to upload them YouTube!

Happy watching....

1) This is a view standing atop of the Red Volcano - names as such because it is red in colour. The ground was warm/hot to touch. The 'cloud' you see is actually sulphur coming off the ground. You can hear me panting from the steep uphill climb which preceded the making of this oscar-winning film! ;)

2) This video shows the descent down towards the Emerald Lakes. It was very steep and very shale-y and unstable. I hope the video gives some impression of what it was like - very precarious with steep falls on either side!


barbara said...

Hi Abby,

Your first video makes me think of when I went to a volacano in Maui, Hawaii, called Mt. Haleakala.
And I was not as brave as you; I was bused in & out.

It was hard work getting up & down for you,. But worth it for the sights.
Hugs to you xx

Mellow Yellow said...

Those are spectacular heights and the breathing makes it very atmospheric! Reality TV!