Saturday, May 31, 2008

2nd week in New Zealand

When I got back to Auckland, I stayed with a dear friend Anita for a few days and did some travelling around. Anita is the cousin of my god-daughter's Mum (are you with me?!). Here's a summary of some of the key things I did:

- Spent a day mooching around Auckland. Went up the famous Sky Tower for a 360 view of Auckland and the surrounding seas and islands.
- Went to Waiheke Island for the day and met with Adjowa (Anita's sister), her kids and nieces/nephew.
- Had a picnic with my friend Gail in Cornwall Park in Auckland.
- Hired a car (called her Jewel because she was gold and shiny). Drove to the North part of the Northland. Spent time pottering about in the Hokianga Harbour area, including Rawene which has lots of artists.
- Drove back down the East side of the coast - stopping off at Kawakawa (where Austrian-born artist Hundertwasser settled. He designed some public toilets for this small town, and it now attracts tourists who go to the loo whether they need to or not!); and stopped at Waipu Cove for lunch which was simply a beautiful and stunning place. If I had more time I would have chilled out there for a while
- Met a couple more friends on my last night and day - Matt, and Mark - before catching my plane back to LA.

I will post photos of LA next, and maybe a couple of videos if I can work out how to upload them!


Mellow Yellow said...

Excellent photos! Really enjoyed seeing them - some superb views of places you visited. The one where you wanted to stay & chill - Waipu Cove - looks really beautiful. Cor - you're whetting my appetite to go to NZ now!

Mum xx

barbara said...

Great :)))
That is a trip of a lifetime. The place names ( lots of Ws) and the surf scenes take me back to Hawaii.

I would thinking that driving your Jewel was a piece of cake; like driving back home. If we will make it over, Didier has to switch to the left, which is an adventure for him ! I say to him " follow the others", but he is not the less anxious !!

Take care xo