Monday, November 26, 2007

A tribute to Sue A

On the weekend, a lady from my work died after a sustained battle with cancer.

Sue was my boss for 4 years, until I left my work for a short break of a few months in Summer 2005. When I returned in January 06 to a new role, she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. This was successful and she came back part-time in a different role.

Unfortunately however, the cancer returned earlier this year and the medical professions were unable to sort it out. She passed away in a hospice and leaves her partner, mum, sister, niece, and of course many friends.

I will remember Sue with gratitude and love - she was instrumental in helping me get my career off the ground. She saw I was eager, keen, and gave me development, autonomy and projects which were outside my assigned role because she knew I could take them on and run with them. I was privileged to have a manager that supported and encouraged me in this way.

Sue absolutely LOVED cricket, the opera, and always took her cup of tea VERY strong (she'd happily put 2 teabags in a cup). She had a mad laugh, I can even hear it now in my mind! Sue was a very humble and thoughtful person and I know all of us at my work miss her.

When I started running, my first proper run was for Cancer Research UK (5km), and I ran for Sue A. See here for my posting vaguely linked to it (my blog-writing started a few weeks afterwards).

The youtube link below is of Delta Goodrem. I have no idea if Sue liked her; she would probably have preferred a good dose of long opera! I find Delta inspirational because she is a fantastic talent, sings beautiful rousing songs, and has been through some personal battles of her own (which she talks about in this link). Sadly, Sue lost her fight with cancer. I thank life that I was lucky to work with and learn from her. This humble posting of mine is a small expression of that gratitude. May she rest in peace, now free from all pain and suffering.


Joyce Hopewell said...

Sue's influence will stay with you, as will her warmth and attitude to life. So remember her with affection and go forward expressing those qualities she saw in you and wanted to encourage. So sad to lose her, though, and may she now be at peace.

GreenAbby said...

Thanks Mum. Very kind words xxx

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
My sincere symapathy to you and Sue's loved ones.
I did not have the chance to know this incredible woman, but I think that her influence will be with you always.
Everyone that does good on this earth, always leaves a bit of him/herself around. May it be words,actions,humor,or just a smile.

I can also relate by the fact that cancer also took away my father...

Wishing you strenght.