Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, only two weeks to go now until my big 10km run (well, it's big for me anyway!)

Yesterday in the post I received my runner's number, a sponsorship form, a green tag for my bag when storing away, plus a running chip which I think is supposed to automatically calculate my time. Not that I am competing against anyone (apart from MarkyMark!)....just finishing it will be an achievement in my book.

Anyway, running aside - I have to tell you all about the NATIONAL CLIMATE MARCH which is taking place the following week on Saturday 4th November 06. It commences with a rally outside the US embassy before making its way down to Trafalgar Square.

If you are in London you MUST attend this march! It is much more important to be part of the environmental wake-up call and groundswell of action to protect the environment, than it is to go shopping or watch the TV or whatever.

I urge you all to be there! And if you cant make it to London, then why not start your own rally/march in your local area. Now that would be worth a photo do send me some if you dare!

Here's a couple of links for more information: and
As you will see this forms part of an international lobbying campaign across the globe to get some serious action taken to protect our beautiful home, the earth.

GreenAbby xxx

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