Sunday, October 29, 2006

Run & Done!

Matthew Pinsent was supporting the run, and he gave out the prizes to the really really fast runners. Mark and I after the race
Me after the race
Mark after the race
Queueing for the loo before the race! It took about 30 minutes before I was able to relieve myself!

Well, the run has been completed successfully.
Without too much incident either, I am pleased to say.
Marky Mark woke up in the morning and decided to do the run, even though he had done absolutely no training or preparation for it!

Arrived at Regents Park and then queued for around 30 minutes just to go to the loo! Quickly dropped bags off at the baggage area then made our way to the start line with 3000 other rainforest running enthusiasts.

It took just over one hour to complete the 6 miles (10 kilometres). 3 laps around Regents Park.
As I approached the final straight I saw Mark speed ahead of me (he'd been behind all the way, and we had a bet on as to who was going to come first between us!) So I thought 'well, there goes my chance to an evening of ultra-pampering from my loved one'.

I then saw him slow down to a walk and caught up with him....seems he'd forgotten that the finish line was further down and not where he thought (he'd thought it was where the start line was, but it was further down from there). So in the end we ran the final straight together!

I have raised a terrific sum so a big huge great gobbing thanks to everyone who sponsored me. Just think your donation has helped to save and secure a precious part of the world's rainforest. There's a tree, a frog, some creepy crawlies all living their lives in peace thanks to you supporting me to do my run.

Afterwards we collected our bags, picked up a goodybag filled with organic tea, coffee, honey and raisins and moseyed back to our digs slurping the free isotonic drink they gave us.


Maylis & Hugh said...

Ohhhh Mark!!! You could have done it!!! Why did you slow down?? ;-)

Well done you two! But who the hell is this Vincent guy??

Maylis & Hugh said...

Matthew I meant!!

Joyce Hopewell said...

Well done both of you - what a great achievement for your team (especially as one of you had done no training...apart from those runs to the station in the morning!). That queue for the loo could have been lessened if you'd dared to do a Paula & used the bushes..!