Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rainforests, Running, Shopping

Firstly, partner has asked me to record the fact that he has bought some food shopping. This, in fact, probably does deserve recording because it is a miracle that he has actually managed to this at all! It normally falls to yours truly.

I then proceeded to praise him lots, but simultaneously gave him a lesson in the ethics of shopping. For example: try and avoid buying vegetables that have been flown halfway across the world....asparagus tips from Peru and green beans from Kenya featured on our shopping bill today. All the transport required to get these little green things into our belly does not exactly help our environment, tasty though they may be.

Anyway, after a period of rest and laziness, I am now back on the case with my running. Both partner and I are booked to do a 10km run around Regents Park on 29th October in aid of the Rainforest Foundation. This organisation aims to protect the rainforests from destruction, and provides support, education, safety etc to the indigenous peoples who reside in the rainforests.

If you would like to sponsor me any amount then I would be very happy. There's a link on the right-hand side to my online sponsor page and the Rainforest Foundation. You can also just sponsor me the good old-fashioned way - let me know and I will write you down on my sponsorship form.


Maylis & Hugh said...

Gosh, you're fit!!! All I do is step on my cross-trainer a few times a week, in the comfort of the house, whilst listening to music... ;-)

Lowry and Scarlett are much impressed too, as they get tired after a few minutes of chasing a bit of paper on a string!!

scott in Aus said...

woohoo go Abs (and Mark) - 10km for the rainforests thats top! I shall continue to follow your blog with interest...
Best of luck hope the training is going well.

scott said...

Oh and another about a link to Ethical Consumer? keep the eco-musings going!

scott in aus (again!) said...

Hello abs (AGAIN!!)

This is another blog you may like to link to -