Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've been told,wisely, that it's all in the mind. So I am not going to worry too much about turning 30, I have decided.

I can't find much inspiration to talk of anything very 'green' at the moment.

But it saddens me that there is now an environmental marine crisis taking place by Lebanon because of the conflict over there, and no one is in a position to be able to start clearing away the oil spillages. It's such a sad, sorry affair.

A dear, dear friend of mine has family in Lebanon so my thoughts are with her as well, naturally. And indeed, the whole godforsaken situation is just so disappointing and upsetting.

Why couldnt world leaders at least ASK for a ceasefire? I hate all this pussyfooting around when it's so obvious that the violence is wrong...and everyone knows it.

The environment and the people of Lebanon suffer even more because everyone involved is too selfish and afraid to look at the bigger picture and develop some compassion towards their neighbours and the life which surrounds them.

I really hope that things can be worked out quickly, and solutions to the problems are effective and satisfying for everyone. One can always wish, eh....

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