Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson...Gone too Soon?

The biggest news of the week, as we probably all know, is the untimely passing of the self-proclaimed King of Pop - Michael Jackson.

He was a living legend, with his own unique brand, style and life. He is immortalised in a number of great tracks which will live on forever. I love Michael's dancing - even now watching his Thriller video more than 25 years since it was made, one cannot fail to be mesmerised watching the slick and snazzy moves against those electronic beats and bass.

I remember growing up with his music. Notably Thriller and Smooth Criminal really stand out with my early memories of childhood and adolescence. I think I really got into Michael Jackson's music when I was at university in the mid 1990's - I copied a tape of his greatest hits from one of my housemates. And when Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash in Paris 1997, the tribute album for her was given to me as a gift. There's one track on it by Michael called 'Gone too Soon' - a gentle, beautiful track written originally about a boy who died of AIDS. I am sure many of his die-hard fans will apply the sentiment of this to Michael himself.

Michael wasn't perfect by any means. He was human like the rest of us, and severely misunderstood by many. In my opinion his talent reached its peak in the late 70's and early-mid 80's - it's his music from this era which, for me, epitomises the greatness of Michael at his best.

I was lucky to get a ticket to see him in concert at the O2 in London in September. Unfortunately I will not get the chance to watch the man perform live now. The biggest and primary concerns must now be for his children, because the world will never forget him..... As my tribute to Michael's talent and life, here are two songs which I love:
1) Rock with You
2) Gone too Soon

Thank you Michael....

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