Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthdays birthdays

Last weekend it was my birthday and I travelled to Edinburgh by the train with my Mum (whose blog is listed down the right hand side). We had a fabulous time, enjoying the entertainment on offer at the annual Fringe Festival.

When I got back to London I celebrated it again with my dear housemates, including Jason whose birthday is the day after mine.

Then last weekend I celebrated the 1st birthday of my second cousin (my cousin's son).

Here are some photos showing the highlights of these happy times.

One day soon I will reflect on something 'green', and the state of this world, on my blog!


barbara said...

Hi Abby,
Sorry to be a wee bit late; belated birthday wishes for you ! Wishing you happness,sernity and the best of health.

I enjoy the views of your getway in Edimburg with your Mum. So nice; there was a variety of things. And low and behold; male performers in their barest essentials ! What a scream !

I would love to discover Scotland one day, like the major Celtic nations.
I liked the family part of the photos too. I believe that I have never seen your Grandmother on photo. I also will be with my cousins,first cousins & more in September when I vist family in the US.

Big hugs to you xxxxx

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hey great slide show! Made me smile at all those happy events, most of which I shared with you.

Mum xx

Maylis said...

Thanks for the photos!!! :-)