Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living, walking and rice

It's funny to think I have been back from my travels for over 1.5 weeks and have already done two weeks of work (a 4 day, and 5 day week).

Been rather busy since my return and haven't really stopped. Work is really busy (as ever), and my weekend was full last weekend catching up with friends.

This weekend is also busyish - quieter today just chilling with my god-daughter (took her to the park this afternoon), and tomorrow I am meeting a friend for lunch then popping up to visit my Grandma in the afternoon.

I am also planning to go for a run in the morning as one is long overdue and I am feeling the effects of (relative) inactivity - this is compared to the regular episodes of running I have managed to achieve in the past. Plus compared to my very active first week in New Zealand when I did lots of walking and active stuff.

Walking in New Zealand reminded me how much I really do enjoy walking, and how good physically it makes me feel. So I might join the Ramblers Association or something.

Photos of my time in New Zealand will follow, when I dig out my round tuit.

In the meantime, here's a fabulous little website which is quite good fun and beneficial at the same time. It's called FreeRice (click) and the aims of it are that you will:

- Learn/improve your vocabulary by identifying the correct meaning of words from a choice of four options
- The more you get right, the harder the words and choices become
- For each word meaning you correctly identify, the sponsors of the website donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme.

This may not sound very much, but I guess the more people who do this (even in their spare time for just a few minutes a day), the more rice will be donated to the programme thereby helping to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. It says 33 billion grains of rice have been donated through the site so far. That's quite a lot of rice.

And it's good for you as an individual as well - your vocabulary and understanding of the english language will improve.

So try it, and continue to do it if you can - nothing to lose, only your brain and hungry people can gain!

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Mellow Yellow said...

Free Rice is totally addictive and great fun! I had to stop after 4,000 grains of rice earned, but will definitely have another go! How many places can you have a brain work out and give help at the same time?!

Mum xx