Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Living in America

Well it's been over a month since my last posting. Lots has happened during that time. I spent over three weeks travelling far and wide.

OK this isn't exactly environmentally friendly, particularly considering it involved flying long-haul. However I do intend to contribute some money to environmental causes to try and redress my carbon footprint.

My first week was spent in Houston, Texas visiting my brother and sister-in-law.

My folks were also there at the same time. We did lots of fab things such as:
- going to a state park with lots of alligators sitting on the pavement
- visiting a big butterfly farm
- going shopping in a big mall the size of a large village
- visiting Houston Space Center where Mission Control (for trips to space and the moon) is based

I also hooked up with my friend Myke who I got to know in the UK but is now back living in the USA. We went to Galveston - a sleepy seaside town on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

I then got a plane up to LA via Las Vegas (whereupon I said 'G'bye' to my family).

Here's some pictures to give you a flavour.

More postings will follow at some stage, where you can learn and see all about what happened next!


barbara said...

Hello Abby,
I really enjoyed your US slideshow!
Wow; you all had a smashing time together.
Lots of things in there that you would never see back home, so many beautiful experiences.
I followed your Mum's & Maylis' photos with much pleasure.

I love these Slide albulms too! It's a fun & original way to display memories.

Wishing you all the best

Mellow Yellow said...

Love the slides & the music! Great to see it/relive it. Didn't we have a fab time?!

PS - "Big bird" = heron; pink pelicans = flamingoes (that's what you get when you have a twitcher for a mother!!)


GreenAbby said...

Hello Barbara, Mum

Thanks for your postings.

And Mum, thanks for the gentle reminder of what the birds are. You know, I wanted to say heron but wasn't sure.

And then the pelicans/flamingoes - I called them pelicans thinking they probably weren't but couldnt remember the name for flamingoes!

Well, I was tired and it had been a long day!


Maylis & Hugh said...

Great photos and great captions!! Can't wait to see the rest!