Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

A happy new year to all my readers, wherever you are, however many of you there may be - I hope it's a good one full of love, happiness, fun, joy, green, growth, awareness, peace etc etc you get the picture! :)

I am looking forward to 2008 being a bigger, better, brighter year.

One of my friends forwarded me this link and I just thought it was really sad and frankly unnecessary.

Today I met my friend at a shopping centre and we had breakfast and did a bit of mooching around. I bought a present for another friend's son who turned 4 on Thursday - it's his birthday party tomorrow so I will go along to that for a shimmy and a shake.

I want to go running and am intending to join a running club next weekend. However my left knee is a bit dodgy (I fell over, and onto both knees just before Christmas right outside where I work, it was not a good look) so I need to rest and allow it to recover really. But this is a little bit worrying as I am running the Bath Half Marathon in March - it's only about 10 weeks away! At this rate that run is only going to happen for me if my knee sorts itself out! So I might try and get an appointment with my physiotherapist at work to determine if this problem is bigger than I want it to be - as it's an intermittent niggle and not painful as such.

Now supping beer after listening to Tom Baxter perform a couple of songs on Radio 2. He's fabulous and I'm going to see him with my friend in concert at the end of this month!


barbara said...

Hey Abby, :)
Best wishes for a positive New Year.
Sorry to hear about your knee problem. Even if this prevents you from doing your run in March, you are better off treating that first, and seeing about other runs later.
What a great idea; a running club. It' better for the motivation !

Have a nice day,

Joyce Hopewell said...

Hope that knee soon perks up! Hey - what's this about going to see Tom Baxter....?! (can I come too??)

:-)) xx