Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Run with a Running Club

Today I embarked on a trial run with a running club, to see if I would like to join them. They meet every Saturday morning and once a week in the evening after work. I arrived at the leisure centre this morning where they have a runner's locker room; I was almost late because the bus was delayed.

Nevertheless, I was able to join all the other runners; and after a warmup we ran around some parks.

I was with a group of runners (both new and established regulars) who were running around 2 parks. Before we did this, I did a mile warmup run to the park with one of the veteran runners - a lovely chap called Bob who's been with the club since 1983, and who started running in 1982 when he was 51, so I think he's about 76?! Our speeds were quite well matched!! But he was telling me he has run 18 marathons, and it was evident he used to be much, much quicker. He has also run the Bath Half Marathon which, knee-pending, I will do March. He did it in 84 minutes....I will be lucky if I complete it in double that time haha!

So anyway, after our warmup and stretch we ran around 2 parks - equating to 4.3 miles. I did this without stopping at all, yippee! Ok, so I ended up pretty much AT THE BACK, with Bob and another lady about 50 yards behind me. But hey, I am not in this for the competition, I am in it for my health. I haven't really run properly for about 2 weeks, and I wasn't keeping a strict eye on the time but I think I did it in about 45 minutes. So that's about 10 minutes a mile.

I am back home now resting. My knee isn't too bad....I just need to rest it well in between my runs and keep a close eye on it.

I enjoyed running with the club - everyone seemed friendly and chatty, and it was motivating for me to run with others around me - sometimes I ran on my own, and sometimes I ran alongside others. I even chatted a bit when running, but this proved difficult for me- to speak coherently and also listen effectively because my heart was pounding and breath panting!

So I think I will join them and keep it up. At the MOMENT, I WILL run the Bath Half. But before I set up my online sponsorship page, I will just test my knee a little bit more to check it has the endurance required.


Joyce Hopewell said...

Brilliant to hear you've tried the club & like it - sounds like it's an excellent and friendly motivator! And well done on not stopping on your run - can just imagine what an old crock I'd be if I tried that!!

Look after the knee - nice new pic of you & the godbabe!

:-)) xx

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
That sounds very nice !
I think that you be more motivated to run with others around you.
And it sounds very friendly !

Keep up the good work.

Hugs :)

Maylis & Hugh said...

Sounds like a really nice group!! Good luck for the run, hope you can make it!