Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ok, the next stage of my running 'career'


I have decided to do a HALF marathon (that's 13.1 miles/21.097494 km) next year, March 2008. It is taking place in the beautiful city of Bath!

I have booked and paid for it, so now what?

- Get off my lazy arse and start training
- Choose a charity to run for
- Think 'eek!' at the prospect!

No, there's nothing to fear.....? I am going to DO this all the way! The website says I have to do it within 3 hours though. Which I think I must be able to do, I hope!

I did two 10km runs in just over an hour (one was with hills), so doing a 21km run should be doable.

When I have got myself into 2nd gear, and started doing some of the above - you see, I'm still in first gear and the handbrake is still on, but the clutch is raising ;) so to speak - then I will let you know what charity I am doing this for - and you can sponsor me, dear readers!


barbara said...

Hi Abby,
How are you ?
That is great news that you will be doing another marathon.This will be a long term goal; sometimes those can be good. You look forward and anticipate.
OK. if you can take the big step and sign up, I will be the first to sponsor you.

Go for it !! :)
See you soon.

seev said...

Good show, GreenAbby. Ya gotta keep running. Go for it!