Sunday, September 30, 2007

Green Politics in the UK

The Woodland Trust has emailed me a really interesting link to a report which has been published by The Green Alliance. It looks at all the key policy areas in relation to the environment, and assessed the performance, targets, proposals etc from the three main UK political parties - Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. It has attempted to cut through the spin and gloss which we so often hear in the media - I think we all know being 'green' is seen as quite fashionable at the moment, so all parties are trying to jump on the bandwagon in order to gain popularity/potential votes.

The link to the report is: HERE!

If you can't be bothered to read it, (I have only read the executive summary myself), I can tell you that:

- There were six areas that the parties were measured against, using a traffic light system to grade them.
- No party performed consistently across all six areas e.g. where one party is performing well, another is doing less well; and vice versa.
- Overall, the Conservatives performed most poorly - they scored no green lights. This is in spite of their success in bringing green issues to the attention of many through the mainstream media. They scored 2 red lights, the rest amber.
- Labour scored one green light, one red light, 4 amber.
- Lib Dems are performing the best overall, with three green lights. However they also scored one red light, followed by two amber.

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barry said...

Interesting report, which is maybe being a bit generous to the parties.

Apart from odd environmental taxes from those not in a position to implement them, there's no evidence of a genuine attempt to fully address the environmental challenges we all face.