Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally back online

A busy few weeks, hence my silence...

I moved to new digs nearly three weeks ago. It's only now that we have got online. Before that there were a couple of sporadic attempts to jump on the back of someone's unsecured wireless network, but the signal was very weak.

I had to hire a car to do the move of all my possessions, and did a fair few trips between London and Bedfordshire to drop things off at my new flat, and also to leave a few things in storage at my Grandma's house.

Saturday 8th September I truly didn't know if I was coming or going. I was up at 0630 and had spent virtually all of the day packing the car (4-5 loads, I lost count), driving, sitting in traffic jams, unpacking, cleaning the old flat etc. I finally 'finished' the move at about 2300 hours, and then collapsed on my bed just after midnight completely exhausted and almost delirious. I hadn't even managed to eat anything until about half three in the afternoon when we stopped at a drive-thru Macdonalds of all places, to refuel my body and brain. I very rarely eat Macdonalds...only when I am really desperate - and this was one of those days! They're hardly a pinnacle of green-conscious living, but then it's hard to be very green when you're moving house whilst also embarking on a fairly stressful period in ones life (it's not just been a flat move which has been stressing me out!)

Well, now I am online properly and I will start putting entries on my blog much more regularly.

Currently listening to chillout radio station Magic 105.4fm - listening to

Meeeeeee-eeeee-eeeeee and Misses, Misses Joooonnnnesss Misses Jones Misses Jones.......... :)


barbara said...

Hi Abby,
How are you doing ?
I'am glad that the move is over and now you can get back in to your normal routine.
Moving is really an enormous stress; I don't enjoy it either !

Nice to get back in touch with you.
Have a nice day and see you again soon ;)

P.S. Your'e forgivven for having "sinned " by eating at McDonalds !
I rarely go myself ( my tastes have changed so much since being in France).

Proud doting ma said...

You go wind down and chill girl. Me am dead proud of you and all you've done and are doing. Love as always & ever xxx