Friday, August 31, 2007

What a week

A busy, busy week workwise and lifewise. It's been a long one in spite of only working four days because of Bank Holiday Monday. I have been writing my assignment for my college course, which I handed in this afternoon 15 minutes before the deadline - eek! It went reasonably OK I think, but by the time I reached the conclusion I had sort of lost the will to live so I dread to think what my tutor will make of what I wrote in the final stages of my 3000 word epic!

Moving out of current digs next weekend so currently getting things packed up and ready to go. Some of it going in 'storage', some of it in the new, temporary abode.

I am so glad it's the weekend. I plan to go running on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I ran last weekend a couple of times - Saturday and Monday, and felt SOOOO much better afterwards. Such a relief, such a release.

Tonight I plan to do some more packing and sorting, whilst enjoying the Big Brother Finale on the box, and supping ice-cold cider....well after the week I have had, I need some light, trivial relief!!

Enjoy your weekend readers.

(Wannabe)GreenAbby x

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Joyce Hopewell said...

You go for it girl qnd enjoy your weekend of gearing up for the move and of cooling down after that assignment. 100 per cent for all you are doing at the moment. Having a learning curve here myself trying to find way around French keyboard layout!!Bonne chance for the move & the next stage you are moving on to. xx