Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeling Lazy

Too lazy at the moment to:

- Go running regularly (and I can feel it as well...I am piling on the pounds and ounces. Well it feels like it)
- Be/act very green (my mind is distracted with work, life, love, college)
- Write proper stuff in my blog (hence this little ditty just so the few readers I have know that I am still here, albeit sporadically)

I think blog writing needs to come naturally though. It's like a diary, and I go through phases in my own life when I write and record various things, on an almost daily basis; and then I will go for months and not write diddly squat.

Bye for now x


Anonymous said...

Did you mean 'write diddly squat', rather than 'not write diddly squat'? Signed A.Pedant

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
It's OK. I think as a fellow blogger, I know how it is to be in the "desert".
Just do it as you feel, and sometimes the rest will flow in...
Or else take 2 aspirins and call me tomorrow ;)

You take care.