Friday, February 02, 2007

Im Quite Excited - new blog!

Well it's been absolutely AGES since i put anything into this blog. Time has run away and i simply have put this at the bottom of my pile.

I upgraded my blog to the new version and then discovered I had loads of unread, unpublished comments from people! What a joyful surprise!!! :) Thanks folks. Don't know why I didnt see them before now.

So I have published all of them bar one, because it was some silly anonymous person trying to promote his own crappy moneymaking website that's probably a load of poo.

So anyway, i am now back on the case with my running! Yippee!!!! hahahahahaha

I am doing the 10km Great Edinburgh Run (I like to say Edinburrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!) on 6th May and will be raising money for CLIMB.

CLIMB is a charity which supports children and families that live with inherited metabolic conditions. They also fund research to find cures and help these type of things. It is a charity that means a lot to me so I would really appreciate if family, friends and strangers will sponsor me.

You can find out more by going to

I start training properly tomorrow, and hope to keep a training running blog so you can all hear about my efforts.

My plan is to run faster than what I did when i ran around regents park for the Rainforest Foundation. However, I will have scottish hill inclines to contend with haha!

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Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

Hey Abs - that looks good! Well done on the new look - being green is really headline news & about time too! Keep up your blog postings on thinking/being green....this is our future. Sponsorship for your Great Northern run will follow! x