Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party People!

My party dress....had to take a photo of myself wearing it in my bathroom, minus my funky bluegreen eyeshadow and shoes...didnt think to get someone to take a photo of me using my camera phone on the night...bit duh hey. Pink Flamingoes on the tables....
A couple of colleagues - merry and bluesbrothersey....
The tables of fun, chatter and food....

Last night was my work 'Christmas' do - an 80's Winter Ball.
Ok, so it was in November, it wasn't Winter, we're not in the 1980's. But hey that's just details.
I chair the committee which helped to organise it (through a professional events/party company). Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves - it was a good, friendly vibe. There was pink neon lights and flamingoes everywhere, some very funky cheesy 80's tracks which lots of us danced to. Tasty pasta dishes, mushroom risotto, apple & plum cake and chocolate tart to tease the tastebuds. Alcohol on tap and all included in the price.

I had anxieties earlier on in the month about our ticket sales which were not as good as previous years. But as it turned out, although sales were lower, it was still an excellent turnout. Main thing is everyone enjoyed it, and the top exec bosses were happy with how it went. So that's no bad marks for GreenAbby hey!

Not sure how 'green' the whole thing was mind, but hey you cant win 'em all.

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Joyce Hopewell said...

Looks more pink than green to me!! Sounds like it was a good do - hey
80's would have suited me fine, so not so much about the cheese!