Friday, July 07, 2006

Today was an interesting year on from the 7th July bomb attacks in London.

I was close by to the bus bomb at the time....and I knew two people who were killed as well in the tube.....Because I work so closely to Russell Square it affected many people that I know.
Last night I started feeling a bit scared about the prospect of travelling on the bus, but this morning I felt fine. However I was generally more cautious and wary that I have been for many months. Last Friday was the first time since the bombings that I went on the Piccadilly line, and the train went from Russell Square to Kings Cross. That was very sobering and I felt quite emotional because as we left Russell Square it hit me - the fact that two people I knew had been killed on the track that I was now passing over. Very strange.
But hey, tomorrow is another day and we must all give thanks for the miracle and gift that is life, screwed up as it can be at times.....

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