Sunday, July 09, 2006

The need for a proper understanding of the world's looming environmental crisis is essential. Even if everyone thinks they know it all, I certainly dont proclaim to. Science was never my strongest subject at school. But I think it's important to get a grasp of the issues which really matter, and affect both our short and long-term future.

So I am going to back-to-basics for my own benefit and anyone else who wants to learn, and revise/refresh on this important topic. If we don't implicitly understand the fundamentals, then how are we supposed to really know why recycling, reducing energy consumption etc. is so important? Whilst I think most people know these things are good to do, I dont think people always know WHY. We are not armed with enough knowledge and wisdom to effect deep and lasting reform in our own lives. Simultaneously, multinational corporations, listless governments and our media-saturated culture advise us that shopping, celebrity, shopping, voyeuristic TV viewing and a bit more shopping - are the answers to success, prosperity and freedom. And it's easier and perhaps more fun to attend to these areas of life. But dont these ultimately take us away from ourselves, our core, our true potential, and our appreciation of what really matters in life.

Whilst there are merits to shopping, and things to be learned from the Alpha members of society, none of the great things listed above will be quite so enjoyable or achievable if the environment is heading the way that so many reputable scientists are suggesting.

The term 'Greenhouse Gases' is bandied about a lot. But why are these gases a problem? What do they actually DO to raise the temperature of the earth, and thereby affect the precious ecosystem which we are all a part of?

I think the BBC website has created a really simple and effective way to explain this. Click on the link on the right hand side.

I went for my run today. Feel much better for it as well. Just need to keep it up, and try to run a little bit more each time.

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