Monday, March 16, 2009

Preserving freedom

The website is slowly uploading videos from the event I attended a couple of weeks ago.

One keynote speech which I found particularly compelling was from the author Philip Pullman (who wrote His Dark Materials trilogy - I have read two out of three and they are excellent!). They have added this speech to Youtube so it is below for your enjoyment. Before that please watch Conservative MP David Davis who helps to explain why this issue is so important for the UK.

PS - slightly annoying, but Philip Pullman's speech does not sync the sound withthe visuals perfectly, unfortunately. However, to compensate (??!!), if you watch the speech really closely you may spot one or two people that you recognise ;)


Mellow Yellow said...

Brilliant - Pullman really packs a punch and says some important things. Reminded me of hearing Jonathon Porritt many years ago urging people to dance in the streets and express their joy.

We definitely need more of this approach to life.

Yes, I did see someone in the audience who I recognised. . . !

Anonymous said...