Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy busy busy, now fun fun fun?

The last few months, well in fact the last 9 months have been pretty busy. I am currently studying for a MSc on top of my full time job, so most evenings are spent reading articles and books and that kind of thing.

Most of the time it's interesting and I do enjoy the opportunity to learn and absorb new things, but this is admittedly quite challenging to do successfully when you're so busy and have commitments to work, family and friends.

The end of year 1 is nearly in sight - fingers crossed - I did an exam this afternoon which I think went OK but you never know for sure I guess....I will discover by the end of July if I have passed but I think they give us the actual results in September or October.

In the meantime I would love to think I have a long summer break, but alas that is not the case - starting this Sunday we have two more weeks of online conferencing where we will discuss what research we are going to do for our dissertation. And then there follows two months of reading and research as we have to write a 3000 word research proposal which is due in end August.

At least I have September off.

And then the studying machine begins again in earnest in October through to March. April-August 2011 will be filled with revision for two more exams, another 3000 word essay and a 12-15000 word dissertation. Joy!

Here's some uplifting dance music to keep your spirits high, that I find quite catchy....

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