Sunday, October 04, 2009

The last month or so

The frequency of my blogging has deteriorated considerably over the last few months. I would like to blog more often but life kind of gets in the way. What with spending time with family, new and old friends, boyfriend, nieces and nephews, plus recently embarking on new learning activities (life drawing classes and a Masters) -it means I have less time to spend on computer-based pursuits.

I see this as a very positive thing, as it indicates that I have a busy and full life with lots of special people and opportunities for which I am very grateful and humbled by.

As I said, I have just begun a Masters degree, part-time, which I will be doing via distance learning plus a residential weekend every term. I have just completed my first weekend - it was really interesting, very intense, a bit daunting, but quite exciting as well in terms of what I am going to learn and how it will (hopefully) encourage me to develop my critical thinking skills.

So for your entertainment (those who still bother to read my blog, there can't be that many of you!), here's a collection of images from the last couple of months to record and reflect what I have been up to. After my heavy academic weekend, I need to chill out and switch off a bit. So I am currently sipping some sherry (how decadent!) and reminiscing these memories which I share with you now....back to the journal reading tomorrow!

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Joyce Hopewell said...

Hi Abby,

Great post! Loved the slide show and the music. A quality read/viewing.

Mum xx