Thursday, April 09, 2009

a time to be happy

I reckon that Easter is a really good time of year! For one thing, it means I get 4 days off! A lovely, long weekend.

I am catching up with family, friends, and movies....hope to watch a couple that a friend has lent me, and I will watch a Fred and Ginger movie as well from a boxset my parents gave me for Christmas.

The other day I was listening to Sarah Kennedy on BBC Radio 2 whilst getting ready for work. Every morning at about 0720 hours she plays a 'show tune' which is really good fun - songs from musicals and shows of today and yesteryear. She played the title song to the 1933 musical '42nd Street'. It was so uplifting! It really got me in the mood and I was dancing around in my room with the feelgood factor exploding through the cells in my body. It certainly put a spring in my step on the way to work that day!

Rather synchronous as well as I will be going to New York soon, for the first time, which I am really excited about. I definitely intend to watch a musical on Broadway...if 42nd Street is showing then that may well be the show I plump for!

I have tried to locate an original, professional recording on Youtube to no great avail. So instead I have found the opening to the 55th Tony Awards which plays this song with some funky choreography.

Happy Easter! May you have a spring in your step like this song, and like all the Easter Bunnies haha! The essence and spirit of Easter - for me - is a time of birth, new beginnings, fresh ideas, creativity, growth, new horizons. :)

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Joyce Hopewell said...

I absolutely LOVE that clip & get tapping along with them. It's enough to send me out to find a tap dancing class so I can refresh my tapping skills and have some fun.

I hope it's on when you're in NY. It's put a big smile on my face seeing that!