Saturday, February 21, 2009

A is for Amsterdam.... Z is for Zoo

The last month has been busy - work, work, work; snow, snow, snow; and also a bit of play, play, play! :)

One weekend I went home to see my folks for the weekend and took my best friend and her family as well. Their youngest daughter is my god-daughter, and I love this family dearly-dearly! We took the kids to the Zoo, which they loved.

Then there was lots of snow early February. This was around the time I wasn't feeling too well (see previous posting). I didn't venture out in it until it had all fallen, or thereabouts. But I had a great view from the balcony which comes off my bedroom. It was all white, cold and sparkly....lovely!

Last weekend I went to Amsterdam with some school friends. I also met up with a friend who I know from when I went to India to teach English for a few months. He was there with SEVENTEEN of his university friends, no less!

We had a lovely weekend - eating lovely food like traditional Dutch pancakes. There was a stunning flower market on the Saturday; and we went on a boat trip on the canals. I also visited Anne Frank's House which was humbling and fascinating...I recommend it if you've not been. We finished the weekend off with a trip to the Sex Museum which was hilarious! Well, that's Amsterdam for you.....!

Here are some pictures. I have kept the photos of our trip to the Sex Museum as 'safe' as I dare!


Maylis said...

Right, so that's the kind of place you go to during your weekends away hahaha!!

Mellow Yellow said...

Loved it - especially the s*x mus*um shots!

Broad-minded Mum x

Barbara said...

Hi Abby :)
How are you today ?
Another great album; I caught you in there Joyce !
I haven't been to Amsterdam, but I think that it would be interesting.
Hey; I'm not 80 yrs old... I can laugh at those things too ;)

Cheers !