Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama!

Last night I was quite anxious and excited to know what the outcome of the US presidential elections were, and I was mildly tempted to stay up all night to watch the BBC coverage of this momentous, historical event. I made it until about 00.40 hours GMT(!!)...McCain was leading by 8 votes to 3. I really didn't want to go to sleep knowing that McCain was in the lead; however I resigned myself to the fact that I needed sleep and que sera sera, so to speak!

I stirred way in advance of my 06.40 hours alarm call - eyes blearily opening just before 06.00 hours GMT. I fumbled in the dark for the switch on my radio to catch the headlines on BBC Radio 4. At the pips they played a short section of Obama's infamous speech-to-be, at which point I knew he was elected President - wahey!!!! This pleased me, and I turned off the radio and got a bit more kip before waking up properly to embark on my day. At breakfast time I was teaching my niece and god-daughter (aged 5 and 2 years old respectively) to say 'Barack Obama'!

Everyone at work has been talking about it, and most people seem to feel very excited and pleased about the result.

From an environmental/green perspective, I really hope Obama lives up to the promises he has made to the people of his country, and consequently the world. He has some tough decisions and obstacles to overcome in the future - but if anyone can do this , I have a strong feeling that he is well equipped to cope and succeed. I wish him and his family safety from harm, as they may unfortunately be the target of some crazy, deluded and ignorant people along the way :(

For a brief insight into Obama's stance on environmental/energy issues...see the Youtube clip below.

Good luck Obama, and thank you for the hope and inspiration you've brought out in many of us!


Joyce Hopewell said...

Right on Abby! Wonderful news and the turning of a momentous corner in the history of America. I stayed up until the same time as you, then sleep took over & I awoke next morning to that inspiring Chicago speech.

Mum xx

seev said...

YES! It was wonderful news. Glad you were cheering for him, Abby. I'm still hoping he's gonna be great!