Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama, Palin, Damon, Astaire!

In recent weeks I have been taking more of an interest in the upcoming US presidential election which will take place on 4th November.

Currently, it appears that Barack Obama is leading ahead of John McCain.

I am not a US citizen, but I have an interest in the outcome of the election as it will inevitably have an impact on the future of the globe in terms of environmental and economic policies, decision-making; and the outcome/development of existing international relations, levels of peace/safety, commitment to human rights and welfare etc. Although there are now many powerful players on the world stage, there can be no denying of the level of power and influence which resides in the hands of the USA.

Barack Obama seems to give many people hope and encouragement - he appears to have that special mix of intelligence, wit, depth, charm and charisma that makes him a natural leader with the ability to inspire and potential to facilitate and direct change in his country and the world at large.

John McCain seems to have a wealth of experience which may well give him some edge over Barack. He has made an interesting choice for his Vice Presidential Running Mate - Sarah Palin. Recently she has been receiving a lot of media interest, and she has more recently tried to embrace the satire which has surrounded her rather than deny or ignore the fact that it exists.

The media can be biased. We can be manipulated, us Joe Public (which includes Joe the Plumber hahahaha!!) without even realising it.

With this in mind, I still continue to love some of the video clips currently circulating Youtube:

To be fair, here's a 'blooper' from Joe Biden, Barack's VP who is talking to someone here in a wheelchair:

But hey, at the end of the day, Palin is stirring a lot of controversy and comment:

And here's a fun game to play so you can imagine what it might be like if the Republicans win and John McCain doesn't last a full term in office...

Well who knows what's going to happen. May the best and right man win. Whatever happens in the midst of the credit crunch crisis, pending recessions, changes in the political makeup of the world - we can all take a leaf out of dear Fred Astaire's book....


Barbara said...

Hi Abby,
I think that a lot of people are getting into the elections. You are right; what is decided here will ultimately affect the rest of the world.
I voted this year.
I hope that you are well and healthy.

Stay fit and stay tuned for the elctions with us all !!
Hugs xxx

Cheshire Sett said...

I think all politics should be as funny and interactive as that imaginary Palin in the White House game. I hope it's only imaginary because if it's not, we're in for a real nightmare (with lipstick and toting a gun).

seev said...

Great bunch of videos, Abby. I especially enjoyed John Cleese, always a favorite of mine, in Monte Python and Faulty Towers. I've already voted, for Obama and Biden. I'm hoping and praying that they win.