Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doing a Meme

I don't really do Memes but I like the one most recently posted on Barbara's blog. Like Barbara says, it's short and sweet. You have to list the last four things you bought and how much they cost. So here's some light, trivial information on recent purchases in the exciting life of Abigail....

1) The last thing I bought was a Lipton Ice Peach flavour drink from the local shop on the way home. Cost: 99p. In this current hot weather I always try to ensure I have some water/fluid with me when I go on the tube. Normally I carry a water bottle which I fill up at work but I left this at home last night so needed a new one this evening. It's been a hot and muggy day and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck in a tube tunnel gasping for a drink, starting to feel faint!

2) I was on a course today so I went to lunch with other course delegates to a cafe where they make sandwiches, salad and hot deli foods. I had a brie, tomato and lettuce mini-baguette and a Lipton Ice Mango flavour drink. As you can see, I am rather fond of Lipton Ice (like Barbara!) - I have to be in the mood for fizzy stuff and sometimes water is not 'enough', and juice is too sweet. Cost: £3.95
On balance I would say the peach flavour is nicer than the mango. But they are both delicious.

3) The previous day I also bought lunch (I go through phases of making my own lunch and bringing it to work with me, and then other times when I can't be bothered or don't get up early enough so I buy it. Evidently I amcurrently fulfilling the latter). I bought an Egg & Cress sandwich from Tesco, which set me back 99p.

4) I bought some little Cadbury chocolate bars as a little treat for members of my team that I work with. There were 4 team members around yesterday so that cost me 4 x 10p = 40p.

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barbara said...

Hi Abby,
It looks like we had the same type of cravings !
I have been very much full of Lipton Iced tea these days. The Peach one is also smashing !
It's been a long time since I had a proper sandwich; your's sounded very good :)
And yes, the chocolate relief; aaaah !

It tells a lot about people by the things they buy :)

See you soon & thank you for participating
Mwah !! xx