Saturday, March 01, 2008

Not Running Half a Marathon...yet

I decided earlier in February to withdraw from running the Bath Half Marathon which is scheduled for 16th March. This is down largely to my dodgy knee which I fell on just before Christmas, and has only really in the last week or two got back to normal. Even though I was running in the New Year this (as a result of my fall) ended up exacerbating an old injury on the same knee (which was caused by another fall a few years ago!) so I have been resting. I have also had a persistent cold which has not cleared up properly for weeks. Therefore I made the decision to not push myself to run 13.1 miles just now. I hope to postpone my entry until next year.

In the meantime I will continue to run with my running club. I have a physio appointment this week through work, and thereafter intend to start running again properly. I'd like to do another 10km run sometime later this year, so will look into that.

I am spending this weekend trying to sort things out, that have been sat around for ages. It's very boring, mundane stuff so I won't bother describing it.

I wrote an email the other day to the British Olympic Association to complain about the rumour that athletes wishing to compete at the Beijing Olympics will effectively have a gagging order imposed on their contracts which prevents them from speaking out against human rights issues in Darfur and China. I just think this is plain wrong and to my mind contradicts the principles of Olympism. Read this article for more information if you are interested. Thankfully, the article does insinuate that the 'final draft' of the contract will now NOT contain wording which implies athletes will be gagged. Let's hope so.

Here's a happy photo of Little Miss GodDaughter to help raise a smile or two out there xx


Joyce Hopewell said...

I like your new, fresh green look! And Little Miss GodDaughter does bring a smile to my face, too! :-))

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
Take care of yourself. You will have plenty more marathons ahead of you once you recover.
I have nothing against the Olympic games, but the choice of Beijing disagrees with me;
They have so many bad things going on in human rights that is not exactly what I call "Fair Play".