Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Graduating & Running

My dear mother has summarised very well what happened to me last week, on her blog which she writes with friends from her college days.

I will let her describe the afternoon's proceedings....click here!

Physiotherapist at work looked at my knee last week and gave me some exercises/massage to do to make sure it's in tiptop condition. I need to build my running up very slowly and gradually. This will be much easier to do now that the evenings are getting lighter - I won't have qualms pounding the streets after work.

But this Sunday I am still running one mile for Sport Relief! I am running with the 'Lazy Town Team' - which consists of Little Miss God Daughter, niece, nephews and their parents! If you would like to sponsor (I have a modest fundraising target of £20), please click on my link and sponsor moi! The money will go towards helping those who live unimaginably tough lives overseas.


Thank you, merci, danke schon, gracias, grazie, nandri etc etc

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