Sunday, July 15, 2007

Madonna at LiveEarth

OK, so she's far from perfect. I mean, she must have a huge entourage following her around, an army of nannies and PA's etc. She also has made some questionable decisions with her purchases e.g. spending £40k on a coat made out of chinchilla fur.

This link below takes you to Youtube, and it makes various claims which put into serious question Madonna's green credentials.

If these claims are true, then that is sad and unfortunate. For her, her fans, and the Earth. Let's hope she sees the light and truly does start living what LiveEarth was all about.

None of us are perfect. We need to celebrate our strengths, and work on our weaknesses. Madonna's true strength is, in my opinion, as a fabulous and captivating performing artist who creates some cracking music.

I hope she can transfer those strengths to build and improve her green living.

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