Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby when the lights....go out

Yesterday was the Big Switch Off across the UK - a campaign to encourage everyone to switch off all electrical appliances for one hour between 2100-2200 hours to save electricity and raise awareness of what we can all do to minimise our consumption of this energy which contributes to global warming.

I was travelling home from college at this time, so it was difficult to participate properly. But then I guess I did participate because I didn't turn anything on. And when I got home partner had all the lights off anyway. But he had the TV on and the PC, and I think it was more a case of laziness than green activism that resulted in all the lights being switched off haha! SO I switched off the TV because he wasn't really watching it anyway. And it had Big Brother on, which is a big waste of electricity (but I admit it's quite fun and enjoyable when I feel like being in a mindless, voyeuristic, nosy mood).

I have been a bit lazy myself recently. Or more like, I have just felt incredibly busy and a bit stressed with work and life, so doing green things and being really healthy has sort of slipped down my agenda. I have been feeling a bit stressed, so it's high time I got back into my running which is a good way to keep me balanced and in check, both physically and emotionally.

So plan is a run on Sun. I wonder how far I will go before I puff out. It doesn't take long for one's fitness to fall below par if one doesn't keep on top of it!

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barbara said...

Hi Abby,
Nice to hear your news. We all have our moments when blogging is not possible or when we don't feel like it.
Go with the flow... it's good to take off.
I heard about the Summer Solstice "lights out" operation on your Mum's blog.I wasen't aware of this before; no such operation like this here.
But, who says you always need a national campaign?

By the way, don't worry about the questionnaire from May ( the Thinking blogger questions) and the 2nd meme I tagged you with.
It wasen't obligatory, and it looks like you were busy.Don't worry about it.

Take care and see you again soon.