Thursday, May 31, 2007

World Environment week

It's World Environment day next week, Tuesday 5th June 07. I need to think of something to do to mark this momentous, and hopefully effective event which will inspire change and encourage personal responsibility.

According to the day's website, World Environment Day can be celebrated in many ways, including street rallies, bicycles parades, green concerts, essay and poster competitions in schools, tree planting, recycling efforts, clean-up campaigns and much more.

Does anyone have any good ideas of what they might do?


Joyce Hopewell said...

Encouraging to see so many local authorities in the UK are planning events. Sad to see that mine is not, so will contact them & ask why not?

On a personal level, I shall be extra-aware to live in an environmentally responsible way that day - even quicker to turn off the radio's stand-by as soon as I've finished listening; keep the lights turned off until I need them, and of course, recycle as much as I can.

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
How are you ?
Thank you for talking to your friends about this important day.
I'am willing to pass the word in my blog, too.
Have you already tried contacting local officals at your town hall or neighborhood association ?
I'am not sure what's up here; there are elections(again !), but this time for the Legislative seats.

One pro environmental act I always do ? I don't drive. That one is a long story, but there's one less person coughing out C02 in the atmosphere.
I know that it's hard to do for some people or down right impossible, if your area does not have mass transit.
You take care and have a nice weekend.