Friday, April 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy

Today I had my baby tooth extracted! Bottom left, a couple behind my canine.

Somehow it has managed to survive 30 years, with some help from a few white fillings! I don't have an adult one underneath so I'm stuck with a gap unless my other teeth fancy moving around a bit. My dentist told me that apparently this tooth (E) is the most common one which doesn't have an adult underneath to replace it.

I thought you might like to see a photo of it haha!

It had to come out because it was causing gyp, and making the tooth behind it more susceptible to decay.

I will put my baby tooth under my pillow tonight, maybe the toothfairy will visit.....

Other news, with an environmental flavour:
My brother is moving to Texas with his wife in a couple of months (see their blog to the right). He found a current radioshow on Radio 4 looking at the impact of American carbon footprint v. the UK one. This show is comparing a family from Texas, with a family from coincidental!

Apparently the average US citizen creates 20 tonnes of carbon per annum. The UK citizen is half that at 10 tonnes. The average Indian creates less than 1 tonne!

If you have a spare half an hour, listen to the programme. It's a three-parter. The next one is Friday 20th April at 1100 hours.


The Tooth Fairy said...

What's the going rate for teeth when you're 30? The Tooth Fairy x

GreenAbby said...

Ooooh well, what are you offering Tooth Fairy? This one must be worth a fair few's almost antique!

Maylis & Hugh said...

Ooohhhh great to see The Tooth!! And thanks for the advert for our blog! ;-)