Friday, April 27, 2007

Being a Green Godmother

Trying to be good at green things, and trying to be good at being a godmother, are two things I love doing.

I am a Godmother to my dear dear friend's daughter. I take the role of being a godmother very, very seriously. I love her immensely. She's wonderful, and I will do all I can to make sure she's a spiritually happy and educated person.

Here is a photo of us both at her cousin's birthday party last weekend.

Here's a definition of godparent from wikipedia:

In Christianity, the godparents were counted informally responsible for ensuring that the child's religious education was carried out, and for caring for the child should he/she be orphaned. Today the latter duty is the most commonly recognized duty of a godparent, and the word "godparent" often no longer has religious overtones. The modern definition of godparent is an individual chosen by the parents to take a vested interest in raising a more complete human being.

I was then googling for Green Godmother (GreenAbby + Godmother = Green Godmother, innit?) and I found a website called which is near enough I suppose....they sell ethical, environmentally sound and vegan gifts at sound prices apparently.


Maylis & Hugh said...

Nice photo, and lovely to see you are taking your role really seriously.

Joyce Hopewell Astrological Psychology said...

I'm already very proud of you as my daughter, and I've seen your "Green Godmothering" in action too! The bonus is that this makes me a "Green Grandgodmother".......!

barbara said...

Hi Abby,
Very cute photo.
That is very nice that you are a Godmother to this young lady.
She will be looking up to you for a long time.
My Godfather and Godmother are my cousins !
Have a good Monday & see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Did Solly take that photo? Or was it me?
You are a nutty godmother, i hope you readers know that. Poor Sasha, if 'Celery' cries for 30 seconds, I threaten her with "pick her up or i'll tell abigail."
It always works.
I love your bag. do they do different colours?

GreenAbby said...

It was Sol who took that, quite good no?

They do all sorts of bag designs...well, a few anyway.